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Master Ballet Academy offers the highest quality instruction in ballet, while also offering contemporary, jazz and lyrical dance classes. We are commited to bringing out the very best in each and every one of our students.

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Summer Intensive at MBA
June 4th - June 29th

This year, as in the past, we are offering a summer intensive course for five levels during the month of June.  Our dates are June 4th - June 29th.
During this time we will have the following classes:  

for Beginner I: ages 3 & up we offer two classes/week,
Tuesdays & Thursdays at 9am-10am

 for Beginner II: ages 5 & up we offer three classes/week:
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays  from 9am - 10:30am

For all other levels: Pre-Intermediate (ages 8 - 11), Intermediate (ages 11 & up) and Advanced (ages 13 & up) we will offer classes daily from 10am - 4pm. 

Classes will include:
 Ballet technique
         Repertoire from famous ballet pieces
         Balanchine repertoire class
        Jumps & Turns class
        Character dance
        Neo-Classical choreography class
       Stage  make-up class
       Stretch & Strength;  work-feet strength
       History of ballet
       Art Class

Our faculty will consist of Slawomir and Irena Wozniak, Olga Tarasova, Nadiya Kovtun, Kevin Jenkins, Martin Naugle, as well as Slawomir Jr and Michal Wozniak, and more.

Price is $1100 for full session or $275/week for full program,
Beginner I - $35/week, Beginner II - $85/week. 

Sibling Discount of 10% will be available for all levels.  

Early Bird Special: If signed up and paid in full before May 10th, receive $100 off full session.  (this discount not available for Beginner I and Beginner II)

Master Ballet Academy Receives
at the Youth America Grand Prix San Diego, CA Semifinals

Our studio received the Outstanding Studio Award at the YAGP semifinals in San Diego, CA, thanks to the hard work and dedication of our teachers as well as our students who attended the competition.
It is the third year that we have participated in this prestigious ballet competition.  We have first learned about it two years ago, when we brought five students to the San Diego semifinals, after training them for a short month.  Even with such a short time of training, one out of our five girls won first place, and another one also made it to the top twelve.  Last year, we also had five participating students, and instead of San Diego, we took them to the Los Angeles semifinals, with similar results, third place and another top twelve out of five.
This year we had a team of nine outstanding ballet students who have proved that they really are some of the best dancers in the region.
 Gisele Bethea, who has been our full time student only since August, has proved that her natural talent paired with hard work and dedication can pay off very quickly.  Gisele won first place in both classical and contemporary categories for the junior division. Congratulations, Gisele!
Leanne Fromm has also made it to the finals for the third year in a row, placing third in the classical junior division.  She also made it to top twelve with her contemporary solo choreographed by our own Martin Naugle.
Alexa DiMuro, our full time student only for the past month has also proven that hard work can pay off quickly. She made it to the top twelve in the precompetitive classical division.
 Esther Huszar, competing her second year with us, has grown as a dancer, receiving higher scores this time than last year.  We are very proud of you, Esther and happy to see you continue to grow as a dancer!
Mia Rosin, Julianna Kassenbrock, Skyler White, Shea McAdoo and Brooke Read also received high scores, though they did not make it to the finals.  Neverthless, their beautiful performances and high scores helped our school get the Outstanding School Award.
We are very proud of all our girls, and wish to thank them all for their hard work and dedication.  A school is as good as its students, not only teachers.  We are very fortunate to have a team of dedicated, passionate dancers, whose work ethic and talent matches that of their teachers.  Thank you to all our wonderful dancers!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Nutcracker Cast List Announced

The Cast - in order of appearance
Numbers and letters in ( ) indicate date and time of performance. M for matinee, E for evening.

Act I, Scene 1
Przemyslaw Grzadziela

Michal Wozniak ((25M,26M,27E) Slawomir Wozniak Jr (25E,26E,27M)

Allie Burman (26E,27E) Gisele Bethea (25E, 27M) Leanne Fromm (26M) Esther Huszar (25M) understudy: Alexandria Rausch, Julianna Kassenbrock

Julianna Kassenbrock (25M), Alexandria Rausch (26E,27M) Esther Huszar (26M,27E) Sabrina Benavides (25E) understudy: Lauren Kelly


Judy D’Apuzzo (25M/E,26M/E) Elizabeth Mann (27M/E)

Ryland Early

Gisele Bethea (26E,27E) Simrin Player (25E) Kaylin Branch (25M) Chloe Rosenbaum (27M) Mia Rosin (26M) FRITZ: Paris Rosenbaum (25E/M,26E,27M) Jack Beckham (26M,27E)

Katelin Ahern (25E, 26M/E, 27M) Leanne Fromm (25M, 27E) understudy: Allie Burman, Anna Murnane

Crispino Ramos

Elizabeth Mann (25E, 26E) Tatum Quinonez (25M, 26M, 27M/E) Nina Kravetz Kaitlyn Smoot (25E, 26M) Sherry Anderson (25M/E,26M/E) Skyler White (25E, 26M) Lexie Yunger (25M, 26E, 27M/E) Emily Philhower (27M/E) Christine Steiner (25M, 26E, 27M/E) Jackie Nortwher

Owen Anderson (25M/E, 26M/E) Billy Lee Raul Orozco Kenny Perez Drew Swaine Cody Smith Harrison Stevenson (27M/E)

Leila Rosin Sophia Olson (25E,26M,27E) Karina Sbiera Sabrina Kloft Thalia Bargas (25M,26E,27M) Julia Blackman understudy: Branda Statman, Kaylin Branch, Mia Rosin, Simrin Player BOYS: Stefan Bargas Cole Vining Cruz Vining Chase Vining Jack Beckham (25E,26E,27M) Paris Rosenbaum (26M,27E) Emilia Linos (25M) understudy: Jack Anderson

Act I, Scene 3: THE BATTLE

Stefan Bargas Jack Beckham (25E,26E,27M/E), Paris Rosenbaum (25M,26M), Chase Vining Branda Statman Sarah Eloge (25M, 26M, 27E) Sofia Bargas (25E, 26E, 27M) Sophia Olson (25M, 26E, 27M) Thalia Bargas (25E, 26M, 27E) understudy: Esther Ham, Allyson Mann, Leila Rosin, Cole Vining, Cruz Vining, Jennifer Gordon

Billy Lee Raul Orozco Drew Swaine Kenny Perez Jean Welton-Richardson II Cody Smith understudy: Harrison Stevenson SOLDIERS: Mia Rosin (25M/E,26E,27M) Chloe Rosenbaum (25M/E,26E) Jenna Jacobsen Nicole Dymkov Julia Blackman Cara Engstrom Madeleine Shillington Esther Ham (26M/E,27M/E) Leila Rosin (25M/E) Kaylin Branch (26M,27M/E) Simrin Player (26M/E,27E) Emilia Linos Lauren Kelly (25E/M,27E) Gisele Bethea (26M,27M) understudy: Sarah Eloge, Paris Rosenbaum

Przemyslaw Grzadziela

Blake Kessler (25E,26M/E,27M/E) Jack Beckham (25M) understudy: Stefan Bargas


SNOW QUEEN: Shea McAdoo (25E,26M,27E) Katelin Ahern (25M,26E,27M) understudy: Anna Murnane

Elye Olson Ryland Early Harrison Stevenson Slawomir Wozniak Jr (25M, 26M, 27E) Michal Wozniak (25E, 26E, 27M)

Shea McAdoo (25M,26E,27M) Katelin Ahern (25E,26M,27E) Allie Burman (25E,26E,27E) Julianna Kassenbrock (25M,26M, 27M) Leanne Fromm (25E,26E,27M) Esther Huszar (25M,26M,27E) Jessica Alvarez Kaitlyn Smoot Sabrina Benavides (25E,26E,27M) Skyler White (25E,26M,27M) Anna Murnane (25M,26E,27E) Michelle Milan (25M,26E, 27E) Emily Philhower (25E, 26E, 27M/E) Tatum Quinonez (25E,26M,27E) Alexandria Rausch (25M,26M/E) Jennifer Gordon (25M, 26M) Brooke Read (25M,26E,27M) Elizabeth Mann Gina Zavarov understudy: Nina Kravetz, Sarah Eloge, Lauren Kelly

Mina Vining, Samantha Olson, Sophia Olson, Naomi Rosin, Leila Rosin, Emilia Linos, Karina Sbiera, Brenda Statman, Amelia Lach, Sabrina Kloft, Karen Fromm, Lilliann Anderson, Daniel Anderson.

ANGELS (On Pointe):
Simrin Player (26M/E,27E) Chloe Rosenbaum (25M/E, 27E) Mia Rosin (25M/E,27M) Kaylin Branch (26M/E,27M) Jenna Jacobsen Nicole Dymkov Cara Engstrom Esther Ham Madeleine Shillington Allyson Mann Lauren Kelly Sofia Bargas (25M/E) Isabela Bargas Jennifer Gordon (25E,26E,27E) Sara Eloge (25M,26M,27M) Julia Blackman (26M/E,27ME)



Leanne Fromm (26E, 27M) Allie Burman (25E, 26M) Shea McAdoo (25M, 27E) understudy: Anna Murnane, Jessica Alvarez

Shea McAdoo (25E, 26E, 27M) Elizabeth Mann Emily Philhower (25M?,26M, 27M) Julianna Kassenbrock (25E, 26E, 27E) Gina Zavarov (25M,26E,27E) Anna Murnane (25E, 26M, 27M) Brook Read (25M,26M,26E) Michelle Milan (25E,26E,27M) Esther Huszar Tatum Quinonez (25M, 26M, 27E) Skyler White (25M/E,26E,27E) Kaitlyn Smoot (26M,27M) Alexandria Rausch Sabrina Benavides (25E,26M,27M) Jessica Alvarez (25M,26E,27E) Allie Burman (25M, 26E, 27M/E) Leanne Fromm (25E, 26M) understudy: Lauren Kelly, Jennifer Gordon, Nina Kravetz (25M)

Elye Olson Ryland Early Harrison Stevenson Slawomir Wozniak Jr. (25M, 26M, 27E) Michal Wozniak (25E, 26E, 27M)

Jenna Jacobsen (26M/E,27M/E) Alison Mann (26M/E,27M/E) Cara Engstrom (25M/E) Nicole Dymkov (25M/E) Chloe Rosenbaum (25M/E ,27E) Mia Rosin (25M/E,27M) Simrin Player (26M/E,27E) Kaylin Branch (26M/E, 27M)

Mina Vining Samantha Olson Sophia Olson, Naomi Rosin, Leila Rosin, Emilia Linos Karina Sbiera Amelia Lach Sabrina Kloft Karen Fromm understudy: Branda Statman, Lilliann Anderson.

Shea McAdoo (25E, 26M/E, 27M) Katelin Ahern (27E) Julianna Kassenbrock (25M) understudy: Jessica Alvarez

Drew Swaine Jean Welton-Ridchardson II Cody Smith Slawomir Wozniak Jr (25M, 26M, 27E) Michal Wozniak (25E, 26E, 27M)

Michelle Milan ( 25E,26M ,27E) Brooke Read Emily Philhower (26M/E,27E) Lauren Kelly (25M/E,27E) Sabrina Benavides (25M,26E,27M ) Allyson Mann (25M/E,27M) Sarah Eloge (25M/E,26M/E,27M/E) Jenna Jacobsen (25M/E,27M/E) Cara Engstrom Nicole Dymkov (25E,27M/E) Jennifer Gordon (26M/E,27M) Isabela Bargas (26M/E) Sofia Bargas(25M) Julianna Kassenbrock (26M/E)

Billy Lee Raul Orozco

Elizabeth Mann, Tatum Quinonez, Nina Kravetz, Kaitlyn Smoot, Skyler White (25M,26E) Christine Steiner, Lexie Yunger (25E,26M,27M/E) Emily Philhower (25M/E,27M) Sabrina Benavides (25E,26M) Julianna Kassenbrock (25E,27M/E) Iwona Cichorz (26M/E,27E)

Roman Zavarov Zherlin Ndudi

Jessica Alvarez (25E, 26E, 27M) Anna Murnane (26M, 27E ) Katelin Ahern (25M)

Elye Olson Harrison Stevenson Ryland Early

Allie Burman (25M,26E,27M/E) Gisele Bethea (25M,27M) Esther Huszar (25E,26E,27E) Sabrina Benavides (25E) Kaylin Branch (26M) Simrin Player (26M) understudy: Jenna Jacobsen, Lauren Kelly, Mia Rosin, Chloe Rosenbam.

Katelin Ahern (25E, 26M/E, 27M) Leanne Fromm (25M, 27E) understudy: Allie Burman, Anna Murnane

Slawomir Wozniak Jr (25E, 26E, 27M) Michal Wozniak (25M, 26M, 27E)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ballet and Friends Presents The Nutcracker

For the fifth year in a row, B&F presents Slawomir Wozniak’s The Nutcracker, this time at the Orpheum Theater, in Downtown Phoenix.
The old fairy tale is presented in our show in a way that attracts children of today, brought up on cartoons. The battles between mice and toy soldiers, as well as Drosselmeyer’s mysterious transformation into the nine-foot tall Mouse King is fascinating even for the x-box generation. Ballet lovers will delight in the professional level dances of the snow flakes, flowers as well as soloist culminating in the Sugar Plum Fairy and her cavalier’s dance. The fast-paced and fun production is sure to delight audiences of all ages. The show will keep you hooked from the first minute of it till the end. We owe this staging of the 19th century classic to an original storyline, as well as modern choreography by Ballet and Friends’ Artistic Director, Slawomir Wozniak.
The Principal Dancer at the National Opera in Warsaw has originally choreographed this show for Theatr Wielki from Poznan, Poland, in 2006. The production was a huge success from the very beginning and it stayed in the company’s repertoire, being played often at Christmas time to this day. Phoenix audiences are fortunate to experience this unique production this year at one of our most beautiful venues, the Orpheum Theater in Downtown Phoenix. Our cast includes renowned professional dancers and entertainers from the US and abroad, as well as some of the most talented ballet students from the Valley. The professional level costumes reflect the era perfectly in the first act, and are unique for the second act. They are made by Oso Rojo Costumes based on designs by Irena Wozniak and Claudia Folts of tutu.com.
Ballet and Friends, the organization behind this production, is dedicated to help children in our community. Our dancers have presented an abridged version of the show at the Phoenix Children’s Hospital, as well as at the Children’s Center of Maricopa Integrated Health System for children whose illness prevent them from leaving the hospital. This year we are also partnered with AZ Dance’s Movement E-Motion, organization that provides instruction and performance opportunities for young adults with Down Syndrome, Autism or other physical challenges. We are continuing our long-standing relationship with the Marine Corps through their Toys for Tots program, by providing both toys and monetary donations.
By purchasing their tickets, audiences will be delighted by the show as well as assisting us in giving back to the community, supporting Toys for Tots, and contributing to numerous organizations dedicated to helping children.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Our Dancers Touch Lives

After having a mini-show of the Nutcracker at the Phoenix Childrens' Hospital, some od our dancers led by our artistic director and our ballet mistress, Slawomir and Irena Wozniak, brought the same show to the Maricopa Children's Center. They really touched a few lives of the burn patients there, here is a letter that Ms LeSueur sent out after the performance:

"I just wanted to relay to you all how much I personally appreciated today’s Nutcracker performance.
The troupe was amazing, and I was able to bring three of my pediatric burn patients and families, as well as one adult burn patient down to enjoy for the venue. It made for a much brighter start to the day for our burn patients, much different than the typical therapy/bandage change regimes that start their days – for that I wholeheartedly thank you. The wealth of talent shared by the young performers was truly a sight to behold as well.
I just wanted to share one brief story with regards to today’s event that truly touched my heart, and perhaps will yours as well.
Our adult burn patient whom was able to attend was mesmerized by the ballet talents of the performers, and actually went to congratulate and talk with the troupe after the performance. She had been looking for dance classes for her young daughter, but due to costs/locations of classes she had searched out thus far, she had been unable to find anything. I am elated to say that not only did this troupe hear out her request, but they have arranged for dance classes for this adult burn patient’s daughter, at greatly reduced costs! This patient was discharged today a much happier and brighter self in healing and heart.
Thank you for bringing this venue here – not only did it affect our pediatric patients in attendance, but it was effective in touching the adult hearts and lives as well!
Lori LeSueur, MSW, CCLS
Certified Child Life Specialist
Arizona Burn Center at Maricopa Medical Center"

This is what dance is all about: making others happy, touching lives through artistry. I am proud to be part of this as the mom of one of these dancers.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Just life... at MBA

I thought I'd share more photos taken by Jennifer Blackman during ballet classes, privates, stretch classes at our studio. This is what a Saturday morning looks like at MBA

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Nutcracker rehearsals

here are some photos taken by Jennifer Blackman during some of our rehearsals: Enjoy!